From Bean to Bag

Ethically Sourced

We work directly with sustainable coffee farms across Central & South America to find the best quality green coffee beans. This forms the basis for our signature Hot & Cold Brew blend we use in all of our Bluestone Lane locations.

50% Brazil (natural)
Farm: Monte Verde, São Vicente, Padre Victor
Region: Minas Gerais & Sao Paulo

30% Guatemala (washed)
Farm: Finca Nueva Granada
Region: San Marcos

20% Ethiopia (washed)
Region: Yirgacheffe

Locally Roasted

All of our coffee is roasted by expert team at the Bluestone Lane Roastery in New York on our Loring Smart Roast s35 Kestrel, which offers the most efficient and environmentally friendly roasting on the market. The Kestrel uses an innovative hot air re-circulation design to create coffee that is cleaner, sweeter, and has more flavor development than a traditional drum roaster. This allows us to create some incredibly versatile roast profiles for our delicious house blends and single-origin offerings.