Sourced, harvested, & roasted by folks we proudly call mates

Sustainable coffee

The search for ultra-premium coffee takes us all over the world—but only sustainably harvested, ethically traded beans make the cut.  Our coffee experts work directly with 3-Star coffee farmers in South America, Africa, and Asia—vetting not just the coffee itself, but every step of the sourcing process, from harvest to handshake.
Because coffee, like travel, is better without baggage.

 Product & partnerships for guilt-free coffee

Sustainable packaging

Our environmental stewardship keeps us grounded in our responsibilities—and new possibilities for eliminating waste and minimizing impact excite us.  We partner with sustainable vendors and are constantly testing packaging technology that’s easier on our planet—like the new Bluestone Lane coffee capsules, which compost at home in 90 days, are BPA/PFA/Plastic-free, and produced using CO2-neutral energy (sun, wind, hydropower, and biogas).

Proudly roasted in Brooklyn

Sustainable sourcing

Sure, we’re Aussie by blood—but New York has become Bluestone’s home.  Every bag of coffee is roasted by trained pros at our Brooklyn roastery, using environmentally-friendly roasters made by Loring (USA) and classic, artisanal machines by Brambati (Italy).
Our QC team monitors every step of the roasting process, constantly evaluating the quality and consistency of our coffees.  Once roasted, each bag of Bluestone Lane coffee is sealed immediately, and flushed with food-grade nitrogen (not chemical preservatives) to ensure shelf life, limit waste, and protect flavor.